Compliance with Statutory and Administrative Code
Reported for the Current School Year as of Monday Jul 15, 2024

School District Annual Reporting Monitor 2012-2013

An online checklist for keeping track of reports and other print documents that school districts must file with the Regional Office of Education each school year.

Downloads:  Compliance Probe Document | Emergency Lighting Testing Form | Fire Alarm System Testing Form | Kitchen Range Hood Exhaust Filter Cleaning Form | Bus Accident Form

Compliance ItemDateDistrict 1District 2District 201District 202District 203District 204District 10District 20District 30District 40District 50
 Notify ROE of New Certified Employees
(See 'Teachers Registered' below)
 Jul 1                      
 Prevailing Wage Publication  Jul 15                      
 Unfilled Teaching Positions
(105 ILCS 10-20.27)
 Aug 1                      
 Treasurer's Bond  Aug 31                      
 Not-Highly Qualified Teacher Report  Sep 15                      
 All Teachers Registered with ROE  Sep 15                      
 Application for Recognition of Schools
 Sep 30                      
 Administrator & Teacher Compensation Report
(Post on district website)
 Oct 1                      
 Annual Financial Report/Audit
(2 copies)
 Oct 15                      
 District Budget
(1 copy)
 Oct 30                      
 School Report Card
Printed Copy Sent to ROE
 Oct 31                      
 Annual Statement of Affairs
(Email Spreadsheet to ROE)
 Dec 1                      
 Annual Fiscal Statement &
Certificate of Publication
(Paper copies of both to ROE)
 Dec 15                      
 School Safety Review Form
Submitted (One per district)
 Curriculum Mandates Forms Submitted
(Each Building) [Reference Doc]
 Life Safety Verification Form Submitted
(Each Building)
 Compliance/Monitoring Visit  Annually                      

Reported for the Regional Office of Education #3 Serving Bond, Fayette and Effingham Counties