ROE #3 Licensure News ~ April 2023


Approved PD Provider Renewal

Per 21B-45 of the School Code, all approved professional development providers, including school districts, are required to renew their registration with ISBE annually in order to offer professional development in the new fiscal year. Provider renewal will open on April 1 and close on June 30. Any approved provider that does not renew by June 30 will be removed from the approved provider listing until their registration is renewed. Renewal registration will be completed through PD+. Please review this guide to assist you with your renewal


Summer School

We have been informed by ISBE, regardless of whether a grade is being assigned, the proper license in the subject area and grade range to be taught must be held for teaching Summer school. Please keep this in mind when planning for summer school staff.


Short-Term Substitute License

This license type is set to expire on June 30th. At this time there is a proposal to possibly continue this license beyond June 2023, however it has not yet been approved. I will continue to monitor this situation and follow up once we know the details. Please check each substitutes license status before you assign them for the up coming school year


2023 Renewal Season is currently Open!

Renewal runs from April 1sth to August 31st. This will be a big renewal year due to a higher number of paraprofessionals up for renewal at this time.

Those who do not recall your username or password you must call the state directly at 217-557-4723 for password assistance. Stay on the line through all the messages for a live person. Do not hang up to call the ROE as we cannot assist with password retrieval, and you would only need to call the number again.


How to Add Professional Development PowerPoint Presentation ( 

How to Update Your PD/Employment Status if retired or have not been working  PowerPoint Presentation (   

How to Renew your Paraprofessional (Para) license PowerPoint Presentation ( 

How to Renew your Substitute License  PowerPoint Presentation ( 

How to Renew your Professional Educator License (PEL) PowerPoint Presentation ( 

How to Renew your CTE PowerPoint Presentation ( 


Required Professional Development

Professional development (PD) is required for teachers and administrators anytime that you are working in an Illinois public school 50% or more of the time in a school year.


If preparing to retire you will need to enter PD up to your retirement date PD is not required if working as a substitute teacher or paraprofessional. Please be aware of your PD requirement and be sure to complete and enter your required PD before your renewal date to avoid a lapsed license. An educator/administrator cannot continue working with a lapsed license.


Administrator Academies

If actively working as an administrator, you are required to complete one Administrator Academy (AA) in each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) If you miss the required AA in the fiscal year, you will have a penalty AA added to your requirement.


ELIS Account

When communicating with the ROE, please include name on the ELIS account, and the IEIN number so that we may locate the correct educator account to properly assist you.


Login to your ELIS account on a regular basis to view credentials.