Compliance with Statutory and Administrative Code
Reported for the Current School Year as of Monday Jul 15, 2024

School District Annual Reporting Monitor 2015-2016

An online checklist for keeping track of reports and other print documents that school districts must file with the Regional Office of Education each school year.

   ISBE Compliance Probe Documents | Emergency Lighting Testing Form | Fire Alarm System Testing Form | Kitchen Range Hood Exhaust Filter Cleaning Form
   Mandated Teacher Trainings | Website Posting Checklist | Approved Provider Checklist | ISP - Individual Posing a Clear and Present Danger Report Form
   FY16 HLS Checklist | FY16 HLS Glossary | HLS Pre-Inspection Checklist
Previous Year's Checklist

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 Notify ROE of New Certified Employees
(See 'Teachers Registered' below)
 Jul 1                                        
 Prevailing Wage Publication  Jul 15                                        
 Unfilled Teaching Positions
(105 ILCS 10-20.27)
 Aug 1                                        
 Treasurer's Bond  Aug 31                                        
 Not-Highly Qualified Teacher Report  Sep 15                                        
 All Teachers Registered with ROE  Sep 15                                        
 Application for Recognition of Schools
 Sep 30                                        
 Administrator & Teacher Compensation Report
(Post on district website)
 Oct 1                                        
 Annual Financial Report/Audit
(2 copies)
 Oct 15                                        
 District Budget
(1 copy)
 Oct 30                                        
 School Report Card
Printed Copy Sent to ROE
 Oct 31                                        
 Annual Statement of Affairs
(Email Spreadsheet to ROE)
 Dec 1                                        
 Annual Fiscal Statement &
Certificate of Publication
(Paper copies of both to ROE)
 Dec 15                                        
 School Safety Review Form
Submitted (One per district)
 Curriculum Mandates Forms Submitted
(Each Building) [Reference Doc]
 Life Safety Verification Form Submitted
(Each Building)
 Compliance/Monitoring Visit  Annually                                        
 Bullying Policy Filed With ISBE
(Initially submitted 2013-2014)

Reported for the Regional Office of Education #3 Serving Bond, Christian, Effingham, Fayette and Montgomery Counties